"Seminar Notes for Level 1"

Disciple Making Ministries has uploaded our Discipleship Training "Seminar Notes for Level 1" to the resource page of this website.  If you take our discipleship training seminar these are some of the topics that will be covered.  The goal of Level 1 is to transition people from the unbeliever to new believer stage of their spiritual journey.  Therefore, in this document we discuss topics related to evangelism.  If you would like to financially support our having these and other materials translated into other languages then contact us.

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Thanks for Supporting our Kenya Seminar!

I would like to thank those who prayed, provided, participated in Disciple Making Ministries' discipleship training conference in Kenya.  The sacrifices you made worked together to encourage, establish and equip many followers of Jesus in Africa.  Twenty four pastors and church leaders attended this conference.  More than sixteen churches were represented.  One person traveled all the way from Tanzania.  Another traveled from the Maasai tribal area.  During the past three days the Lord blessed with many opportunities to worship, fellowship, disciple, learn, network, encourage, share, give testimonies and pray together as the body of Christ.  These Christian workers were strengthened in their faith and empowered to continue making disciples where God has placed them.  Pray that the Lord would keep up this disciple making movement in Kenya and that He would multiply more movements into other countries such as India.   These precious followers of Jesus Christ from Kenya send you their greetings! 

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Kenya Discipleship Training Seminar July 3-5, 2018

We are excited to report that this summer Disciple Making Ministries will host its first discipleship conference in Kenya, Africa.  This three day intensive discipleship training seminar will be held Tuesday through Thursday (July 3 - 5) in the city of Kisii, Kenya.  We have space for up to forty church leaders to attend.  During the period of three days we will share a seven step process of developing disciple makers among families, communities, and churches. There will be opportunity for networking and fellowship.  The conference is free to attend.  But, generally speaking participants must find their own transportation and housing.  To attend you must register through our website and be invited.  If you are not able to attend please pray for the conference.  Also, consider giving towards scholarships, purchasing Bibles ($8 USD each), used laptop computers for local pastors and humanitarian aid for orphan children.  If you have questions about the conference or how you can help then contact me through this website.



Merry Christmas 2017

Disciple Making Ministries would like to wish disciple makers a very Merry Christmas remembering the first coming and anticipating the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Thanks be to God for the unspeakable gift of Jesus Christ that we have to share with others.   We look forward to expanding His kingdom on earth as in heaven in 2018.


Sowing into Disicple Making Ministries

The beginning of autumn produces images of the end of the growing season. Outside the window where I am currently located is a large field of corn ripe unto harvest.  The ears of corn are filled to the maximum and the tassels are brown indicating maturity.  This year there is going to be a bountiful harvest.  But, none of this would have happened if farmers did not sow bountifully in hope.  The principle of sowing and reaping works not only in the natural but also in the spiritual world.  If you sow bountifully in hope and faith then you will receive a multiplied harvest of thirty, sixty or a hundred times what was sown. But, if you sow sparingly into the kingdom of heaven because of some fear or insecurity then you will reap sparingly.  Disciple Making Ministries is looking for people of faith to sow bountifully in order to reap a bountiful harvest.  We have vision to finish what Jesus started by engaging, establishing, equipping and empowering followers of Jesus internationally to multiply disciple makers among their social networks.  Pastors and church leaders from countries such as Ukraine, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Congo and Pakistan have personally invited us to come and train their people how to practically make disciples.  We simply need supporters to sow financially into this vision.  Hosting an intensive short-term discipleship training seminar in each location is going to cost about $1500.  If you sow into this multiplying ministry of reproducing disciple makers internationally, then one hundred percent of your seed will go directly into travel and venue expenses.  We have no paid staff, no administrative fees and no overhead.  We simply want to obey the Great Commission mandate to make disciples of all nations...  Please consider sowing bountifully into the kingdom to reap a multiplied eternal spiritual harvest.

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Summer break

Disciple Making Ministries is currently on home ministry assignment.  That means we are in traveling in the United States visiting and sharing missionary updates with family, friends and supporters and speaking in partnering churches in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Pennsylvania and places in between from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast.  Therefore, since we are traveling, our online discipleship training seminars and podcast episodes have been temporarily placed on hold.  We are hoping to resume limited online activity starting in September 2017.  Full activity will resume in January 2018.  If you are interested in an online discipleship training seminar in the fall or spring semesters then let us know.  In our interactive meetings we will guide you through a practical approach on how to make disciples.  Sign up online for the next discipleship training seminar.


Teaching in Dymir, Ukraine

Disciple Making Ministries had a great time making new friends in Dymir, Ukraine and sharing about how to more effectively blend their motivational gifts for building up the body of Christ through God's love.   We pray for the Lord to bless these followers of Jesus as they witness His grace in this small town.

"7 Motivational Gifts from Romans 12"

Disciple Making Ministries recently uploaded a new document named "7 Motivational Gifts from Romans 12."  This coffee table discipleship manual explains how God designed people, namely patterns of what motivates their thinking and behavior.  Each motivational redemptive gift from Romans 12 (prophet, servant, teacher, exhorter, giver, ruler, mercy) has a potential to produce either a positive result for the redemptive purposes of God or a negative resutl for the destructive purposes of the enemy.  Once the disciple maker has learned the system of seven motivations he will be able to discern what drives people, to discern the source for resolving conflicts and to build more balanced and effective teams for positive redemptive results.  Discovering motivational gifts is essential for unlocking our fourth (youth) stage of discipleship training.  For, effective leadership requires understanding and working with people.  Please be patient edit this "rough draft" in coming weeks.

"Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" in Russian

Disciple Making Ministries has had "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" translated into Russian.  You can use this resource to start discipling new believers.  You can use this resource in a new believers or newcomers class at church.  The goal is to establish believers who are committed to Christ, committed to the cause of Christ, and committed to the body of Christ.  This resource has foundational lessons on salvation, baptism, the Holy Spirit, Bible study, prayer, sharing your faith, church participation, unity, giving and spiritual gifts. Please download this document for free and start discipling someone this week!

"7 Daily Prayers for Disciple Makers" Added

Disciple Making Ministries has added a new resource entitled "7 Daily Prayers for Disciple Makers." We have discovered that daily prayer is essential for successful disciple making.  The disciple maker needs daily prayers for spiritual protection, for enlightenment, for experiencing the love of God, for spiritual fruit bearing, for spiritual warfare, and for financial resources.  We decided to share seven daily prayers together with memory verses on prayer that are powerful in the disciple makers' daily walk.  Feel free to download and pray these prayers out loud every day for success in disciple making.   If you tranlate these prayers into other languages then please share with our community.

Translating, printing and distributing resources

I would like to personally thank the pastors and church leaders from Africa who are taking initiative to participate in the vision of reproducing disciple making movements.  This week another pastor from Kenya emailed explaining that he had translated one of our discipleship resources into the Kishwalili language.  He personally printed and distributed 500 copies of this resource among his local social networks.  Praise the Lord!   Pray for these pastors and church leaders in partnering regions of Africa such as Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Benin, Liberia and Guinea.  Please consider giving so that more discipleship resources can be translated, printed, distributed and used among the nations!

New sermon video uploaded

Beside is our first sermon video on the topic of the kingdom of God.  Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of God.  In this sermon we explore what Jesus and the apostles had in mind and introduce implications for believers today.  Pray for the Lord to further develop our discipleship media offerings in the future.

News and Needs - March 2017

We conintue to receive invitations to train disciple makers in various regions of the world. Recently two more invitations came from pastors and church leaders in eastern India and northeastern Pakistan.  We have added those requests to our growing waiting list that includes Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and D.R. Congo.  I write this short updage to say that there is a great need and desire for discipleship training among the nations.  We feel that we have a great discipleship training program to meet these needs.  To solve the problem of matching the solution to the problem we simply need funding for travel expenses.  Please pray for God to open the gates of resources so that we can bridge the solution to the need.  If you would be interested in resourcing this vision of multiplying disciple making movements among the nations then start a dialogue.  Disciple Making Ministries has a huge potential to impact many people for Christ if believers would join the team.  


New Discipleship Resource Available

A discipleship ministry friend from the Democratic Republic of Congo recently had our "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" translated into the Swahili language to benefit "the brothers and sisters in Christ" in central Africa.  We uploaded this new resource to our website for free download.  We praise the Lord for such partnerships that promote discipleship among the nations.  Disciple Making Ministries continues to expand!

Pray for a discipleship training seminar January 19-20


We would like to ask you to pray for Disciple Making Ministries' next discipleship training seminar to be held at Kyiv Slavic Evangelical Seminary (www.kses.com.ua) on January 19-20.  Pray for the Lord to protect the teacher and students from any harm (Psalm 91, Ephesians 6:10-20).  Pray for the Lord to provide a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ (Ephesians 1:17, Colossians 1:9-10). Pray for the Lord to make disciple makers to help finish the Great Commission movement that Jesus started (Matthew 28:18-20).