become a spiritual partner:

Disciple Making Ministries values partnership.  As the members of a physical body work together in unity through diversity so the spiritual body works together best when every part fulfills its role. You are invited to join our fellowship to fulfill your role in making disciples throughout the world. Below are a number of ways to participate:

1. Register for a disciple making seminar:

The best way to start a partnership is to register and attend a discipleship training webinar or local seminar.  This is how we start relationships and how you begin to understand our strategy for discipleship.  Real discipleship requires relationships.  So, let us get to know each other either online or in a local context.  

2. Download Our discipleship resources:

Another way to partner is to download and use our free discipleship training resources.  By using our resources you develop a clearer picture of who we are and what we are seeking to accomplish.  By adapting and applying our disciple making principles to your audience we grow together in fellowship.  We are willing to coach you online throughout the process of making a disciple.  

3. Subscribe to our discipleship podcast:

Another way to become involved is to subscribe to our discipleship podcast.  That way you can listen to some of the introductory material that just may encourage you.  We welcome comments and suggestions about episode content, show topics and potential guest speakers.  Start listening and then connect with us through that platform.

4. apply to become a discipleship trainer:

Disciple Making Ministries has vision to establish and equip discipleship trainers who will stay behind in their region of the world facilitating ongoing discipleship training and activity.  If you would like to be a discipleship trainer please contact us for an application and personal interview.  Regional trainers must complete the program and must have demonstrated a level of success before becoming a regional discipleship trainer.  

5. Give so that we can reach the vision:

If you are unable to attend an online or local seminars, unable to start your own small discipleship group, or unable to volunteer, then consider partnering with practical financial provisions to help us reach the vision.  Below are a number of projects that need financial support.  We have a waiting list of pastors and church leaders who have invited us to come and train disciple makers.  Hosting a discipleship seminar for local pastors in another country costs around $2000 including airfare, visas and the venue.  Other projects such as curriculum development, resource translation, podcast development, media equipment and website maintenance also require financial backing.  Our regional discipleship trainers need equipment such as used laptops, projectors, sound equipment and printers to complete their mission.  So, the more that is given the more that we can accomplish.  Below are some project financing needs:

1. Sponsor website hosting expenses  ($160 per year for this website and domain name)
2. Sponsor curriculum translation expenses ($100 per phase of curriculum translation)
3. Sponsor video conferencing platform expenses ($24 per month for WebEx webinar platform)
4. Sponsor a discipleship training seminar in India, Kenya, Nigeria... ($2000 each seminar)
5. Sponsor local disciple making church rental expenses ($350 a month for Ukraine church start)
6. Purchase equipment for a media studio ($1500 for setting up a media studio)
7. Purchase a Great Commission coffee cup:  (Proceeds go to resource this ministry)
8. Support an international discipleship trainer: (equipment and annual support)