Kenya Discipleship Training Seminar July 3-5, 2018

We are excited to report that this summer Disciple Making Ministries will host its first discipleship conference in Kenya, Africa.  This three day intensive discipleship training seminar will be held Tuesday through Thursday (July 3 - 5) in the city of Kisii, Kenya.  We have space for up to forty church leaders to attend.  During the period of three days we will share a seven step process of developing disciple makers among families, communities, and churches. There will be opportunity for networking and fellowship.  The conference is free to attend.  But, generally speaking participants must find their own transportation and housing.  To attend you must register through our website and be invited.  If you are not able to attend please pray for the conference.  Also, consider giving towards scholarships, purchasing Bibles ($8 USD each), used laptop computers for local pastors and humanitarian aid for orphan children.  If you have questions about the conference or how you can help then contact me through this website.