Our vision is to finish what Jesus started by engaging, establishing, equipping and empowering followers internationally to reproduce disciple makers among family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and churches.

our passion

Disciple Making Ministries is passionate to see every follower of Jesus knowing how to practically reproduce disciple makers among their local networks of relationships. We are dedicated to teach and coach you through a seven stage process of sharing your faith, selecting disciples, establishing them in the faith, and equipping them towards success in reproducing disciple making movements. Will you join this journey of faith in the kingdom?

discipleship training seminars:

The cornerstone of our ministry is our discipleship training webinars and seminars. These webinars and seminars are designed to give keys for unlocking your spiritual development equipping you to start your own disciple making movement with family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates and local churches. We provide you with a proven disciple making process, Biblical principles and spiritual provisions for a successful outcome. Discipleship training webinars can be attended online from the comfort and convenience of your home. Sometimes we are able to host live local discipleship training seminars. We also provide online follow-up discipleship coaching to ensure success. To book a discipleship training webinar or seminar contact us through this website.

disciple making mission trips:

Since this ministry was launched pastors and church leaders from more than twenty countries have invited us to come train their workers how to better make disciples among local churches and communities. We have already helped nationals launch more effective disciple making movements in Kenya and India and would like to expand disicpleship training to other strategic partnering areas of the world. To turn this vision into reality would you consider sharing finances or frequent flyer miles so that we can travel and train more disciple makers? One hundred percent of donations will be directly applied to training nationals to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your prayers and provisions for expanding the kingdom!

take action

Sometimes people comment “Disciple Making Ministries has great vision. But, how can I be involved?” The more people who become involved the faster that we will be able to reach the vision. Here are some ways that you can participate. 1. You can pray. 2. You can provide finances for one of our disciple making projects. 3. You can attend either an online webinar or local seminar and start making disciples where you live. 4. You can join us on a discipleship training short-term trip to one of these strategic areas of the world. 5. You can assist with writing curriculum and developing an online discipleship training institute. 6. You can become one of our certified discipleship trainers. 7. You can spread the word about Disicple Making Ministries to family, friends and among local churches. To find out more information and to get started contact us below.