"7 Motivational Gifts from Romans 12"

Disciple Making Ministries recently uploaded a new document named "7 Motivational Gifts from Romans 12."  This coffee table discipleship manual explains how God designed people, namely patterns of what motivates their thinking and behavior.  Each motivational redemptive gift from Romans 12 (prophet, servant, teacher, exhorter, giver, ruler, mercy) has a potential to produce either a positive result for the redemptive purposes of God or a negative resutl for the destructive purposes of the enemy.  Once the disciple maker has learned the system of seven motivations he will be able to discern what drives people, to discern the source for resolving conflicts and to build more balanced and effective teams for positive redemptive results.  Discovering motivational gifts is essential for unlocking our fourth (youth) stage of discipleship training.  For, effective leadership requires understanding and working with people.  Please be patient edit this "rough draft" in coming weeks.