Episode 016 Bridge Building Techniques - Part 2

In this second episode in the series we explore additiona relational bridge building techniques for evangelism and discipleship appropriate for large group and sometimes hostile public venues.  The core of this episode derives from the Apostle Paul's public speech in Athens.  Sharing these practical techniques is one more way that Disciple Making Ministries seeks to equip followers of Jesus for successful ministry.  For more information visit our website www.disciplemakingministries.org.

Episode 015 Bridge Building Techniques Part 1

In this episode we exhort listeners to start building relational bridges with individuals for purposes of evangelism and discipleship.  We equip listeners with 9 bridge building techniques that Jesus used in His conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well.  These practical techniques empower listeners to overcome fears and common barriers to getting started in the Great Commission.

Episode 014 Multiplying Methodologies

In this episode we explore God's design for participatory multiplication methods of discipleship. We describe seven heavenly principles of spiritual multiplication and seven practial spiritual disciplines for doing the work of discipleship on earth.  We also share a true fishing story and helpful advice for fishing.  Surely these topics have caught someone's attention.  For more informatin start a dialogue through www.disciplemakingministries.org

Episode 013 Five Leadership Principles for Disciple Makers

In this episode we discuss five key leadership principles for disciple makers.  How does Jesus' leadership differ from the world's leadership?  Besides vision, what other leadership principles are important?  Leave some feedback at our website:  www.DiscipleMakingMinistries.org.

Episode 010 Interview with Dale Losch of Crossworld

In this episode we interview Dale Losch, President of Crossworld.  He provides you with some valuable perspective, principles and practical advice in discipleship relationships.  My daughter contribues to the cause through beautiful worship.  My prayer is that this episode would bless and encourage you to go and make disciples this week.   Contacts:   www.disciplemakingministries.org  and    www.crossworld.org    

Episode 008 Essentials of Disciple Making - Identity

In this episode we discuss the essential of identity in making disciples.  Listen and learn about your true identity in Christ and identity as a discple maker.  Learn to recognize three ways that Satan seeks to attack your identity to prevent you from bearing spiritual fruit and from gaining a greater spiritual inheritance in the kingdom of God.  Leave us some feedback on our website at http://www.disciplemakingministries.org

Episode 007 Essentials of Disciple Making - Hope

The disciple maker must operate from a inner principle of hope.  What is the difference between worldly and Biblical hope?  How can the disciple maker strengthen hope in his or her life?  For answeres to these and other questions listen to this episode on hope.  Send questions or comments through:    www.disciplemakingministries.org  or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107

Episode 006 Essentials of Disciple Making - Love

In this episode we start with four good reasons why love is such an essential for making disciples. We break down the Bblical definition of love and explain how love is destorted in the world. We conclude with personal stories and practical advice on loving God and your disciples more.  If you have comments, questions or even prayer requests then you may share them through our website (http://www.disciplemakingministries.org) or leave a voice meassage at +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 005 Essentials of Disciple Making - Prayer

We continue our series on the essentials of making disciples.  If you are going to make disciples you are going to have to engage in prayer.  You can have a sure plan, an exact process, and solid Biblical principles; but to carry out that plan will require prayer.  In this episode we learn what can hinder prayer.  I share practical advice. Pray about starting a dialogue with us by contacting www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephoning +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 001 Why Disciple Making Ministries?

In this episode I share why I started Disciple Making Ministries. I share how I was discipled in university and why I transitioned from a traditional pastoral role to a disciple making ministry.  Start a dialogue with me at www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.