Episode 012 Essentials of Disciple Making - Grace

In this episode we discuss the essential of grace in disciple making.  How should we define grace?  From where did grace originate?  How can grace radically transfrom your life?  How can you grow in grace?  Answers to these and other questions are discussed in this episode.  For more information visit www.disciplemakingministries.org or leave a message at (214) 377-1107.

Episode 011 Essentials of Disciple Making - Obedience

The Great Commission says to teach disciples to obey everything that Jesus commanded.  What does it mean to obey?  How do we solve this tension between salvation by grace through faith and the command to obey?  What exactly did Jesus command His disciples to do?  How can disciples synthesize Jesus' commands into practical categories?  To find the answers to these questions go to the Word and listen to this episode.  Leave us some feedback at www.disciplemakingministries.org.  Leave a message at 214-377-1107.

Episode 009 Essentials of Disciple Making - Intentionality

In this episode we discuss the essential of being intentional in making disciples.  Many believers and churches simply drift unto unfruitfulness and unproductivity.  We are trying to correct that trend.  We encourage you to find real  purpose, direction, meaning for your life and ministry.  We give some practial advice for living a more intentional life for Jesus Christ.  Leave us some feedback on our website:  www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephone 214-377-1107.

Episode 007 Essentials of Disciple Making - Hope

The disciple maker must operate from a inner principle of hope.  What is the difference between worldly and Biblical hope?  How can the disciple maker strengthen hope in his or her life?  For answeres to these and other questions listen to this episode on hope.  Send questions or comments through:    www.disciplemakingministries.org  or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107

Episode 005 Essentials of Disciple Making - Prayer

We continue our series on the essentials of making disciples.  If you are going to make disciples you are going to have to engage in prayer.  You can have a sure plan, an exact process, and solid Biblical principles; but to carry out that plan will require prayer.  In this episode we learn what can hinder prayer.  I share practical advice. Pray about starting a dialogue with us by contacting www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephoning +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 004 Essentials of Disciple Making - Faith

An essential is something that is absolutely necessary for life.   Just as air, water and food are essentials for physical life, the spiritual life also has essentials.  In this episode we discuss the essential of faith.  If you are going to make disicples you must exercise faith.  Perhaps you need faith to start a dialogue with us at www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephoning +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 003 Seven Key Values of Disciple Making Ministries

Your inner values are inevitably lived out through your actions.  To determine one's values simply observe how that person spends their time, energy, talents and resources.  A good measure of values are relationships, schedule and bank accounts.  In this episode we share seven key values of Disciple Making Ministries.  Start a dialogue with us at www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 002 What is a Disciple Making Ministry?

If you ask five Christians what it means to be a disciple then you will probably receive five different answers. In this episode we discuss what it mens to be a disciple of Jesus.  We give a Biblical basis for thinking of discipleship as moving through stages of spiritual maturity.  We describe seven stages of spiritual maturity that we use in our discipleship training seminar. Start a dialogue at www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 001 Why Disciple Making Ministries?

In this episode I share why I started Disciple Making Ministries. I share how I was discipled in university and why I transitioned from a traditional pastoral role to a disciple making ministry.  Start a dialogue with me at www.disciplemakingministries.org or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.

Episode 000 Welcome to Disciple Making Ministries Podcast Show

In this welcome episode we answer key questions such as who, what, when, where, why and how.  We will briefly describe Disciple Making Ministries products and services.  We invite you to register to attend online discipleship seminar.  There you will learn how to start your own disciple making ministry.  We invite you to start a dialogue at www.disciplemakingministries.org   telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.