Episode 012 Essentials of Disciple Making - Grace

In this episode we discuss the essential of grace in disciple making.  How should we define grace?  From where did grace originate?  How can grace radically transfrom your life?  How can you grow in grace?  Answers to these and other questions are discussed in this episode.  For more information visit or leave a message at (214) 377-1107.

Episode 002 What is a Disciple Making Ministry?

If you ask five Christians what it means to be a disciple then you will probably receive five different answers. In this episode we discuss what it mens to be a disciple of Jesus.  We give a Biblical basis for thinking of discipleship as moving through stages of spiritual maturity.  We describe seven stages of spiritual maturity that we use in our discipleship training seminar. Start a dialogue at or telephone +1 (214) 377-1107.