Episode 010 Interview with Dale Losch of Crossworld

In this episode we interview Dale Losch, President of Crossworld.  He provides you with some valuable perspective, principles and practical advice in discipleship relationships.  My daughter contribues to the cause through beautiful worship.  My prayer is that this episode would bless and encourage you to go and make disciples this week.   Contacts:  and    

Episode 005 Essentials of Disciple Making - Prayer

We continue our series on the essentials of making disciples.  If you are going to make disciples you are going to have to engage in prayer.  You can have a sure plan, an exact process, and solid Biblical principles; but to carry out that plan will require prayer.  In this episode we learn what can hinder prayer.  I share practical advice. Pray about starting a dialogue with us by contacting or telephoning +1 (214) 377-1107.