Requests from Kenya and Nigeria

I have received a number of requests from pastors and disciple makers in Kenya and Nigeria asking for printed discipleship resources and Bibles.  Many of these leaders do not have computers, printers or ready access to the internet.  Many use mobile smartphones to communicate through email. Some travel many kilometers to internet cafe's to have access to the internet.  I am writing you because there is a need that needs to be met.  If there is anyone wants to sponsor the printing and mailing of discipleship resources, the sending of Bibles or computer equipment for Kenyan and Nigerian pastors then connect with me.  I can get you in touch with several believers who would be blessed with such resources.

United States Ministry June through December 2017

Disciple Making Ministries is planning a United States ministry tour from June through December 2017.  During this time we will be available for personal visits with anyone interested in learning more about our overseas mission and ministry.  We will be available for leading discipleship training seminars, preaching in churches, teaching in Sunday school classes, serving at summer camps, speaking at mission conferences and visiting supporters and prayer partners in homes and businesses.  To start a dialogue about scheduling a personal visit during the second half of 2017 complete the contact form on our website at

New Discipleshp Resources Available

We have added some new discipleship resources to the website.  You may now download "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" in English and African French and an updated version of our "Discipleship Training Seminar Notebook" and "Five Spiritual Disciplines for Beginners" in English.  In the coming year we will continue to add resources.  Consider partnering with our ministry by authoring discipleshp resources, translating, funding or distributing discipleship resources throughout the world.

Merry Christmas 2016

Disciple Making Minsitires would like to wish you a Merry Christmas.  We pray that the Lord would unwrap for you His perfect gift of new discipleship relationships in 2017.  Disciples are God's gifs to you to invest your life into to so that they can reproduce more disciples unto an internal inheritance.  So, this coming year we encourage you to embrace and enjoy the gifts that Jesus has assigned to you.  Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!  

"Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" now in French

We are pleased to report that a friend in Democratic Republic of Congo has translated our "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" resource into the French language.  We greatly appreciate his love and concern toward expanding disciple making ministries into the French speaking world. Pray for many to download and use this resource for the Lord's kingdom expanding purposes.
You may download the French translation of "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" here.

Pastors in Kenya are using our discipleship materials

A pastor from Kenya recently wrote thanking us for permission to print and distribute Disciple Making Ministries' "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" manual.  He said that by the grace of God he managed to print and distribute 1500 copies over a 2 day period of time in November 2016.  He added that many men and women in Kenya are interested in the ministry of Disciple Making Ministries.  By the way, for your information I have more than 7 invitations from pastors and church leaders in Kenya to come for a discipleship training ministry trip.  All that is needed is finances for airfare and travel expenses.  If you want to empower the multiplying ministry of discipleship in Kenya then become a partner in giving.

Podcast Episode 016 is Available

We invite you to listen to Podcast Episode 016 on the topic of relational bridge building techniques for large group venues based from the Apostle Paul's public speech before the men of Athens.  Disciple Making Ministries wants you not only to start building effective bridges into the lives of family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates and church members for more effective ministry purposes, but also to finish building those bridges completly connecting others with Jesus Christ.  For more information listen to the episode and contact me through the website at   By the way, the unfinished bridge that we describe in this episode can be viewed at this link:

The power of multiplication:

Why do we encourage reproducing disciple makers rather than making converts?  First, we encourage reproducing disciple makers because this is what Jesus modeled.  Jesus interacted with crowds but invested His life into just twelve men.  Jesus sent those twelve to repeat the process.  In the Great Commission Jesus specifically commanded followers to make disciples rather than just converst.  But, in addition to the spiritual evidence there is the math.  Reproducing disciple makers rather than converts produces a greater harvest and return on investment.  Do the math!

Podcast Episode 015 is Available

In this episode we explore first steps towards starting a discipleship relationship, namely building relational bridges into the life of another person.  So, how do you start and move through a conversation.  We examine the Master bridge builder, Jesus Christ, and his conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well.  From this conversation we draw nine relational bridge building techniques into the lives of individuals.  These techniques serve as instruments or tools or resources for you to use in building relationships for evangelism and discipleship.  Try them!

Podcast Episode 012 is Available

Podcast Episode 012 entitled the Essential of Grace in Discipleship is now available.  What is a four fold definition of grace?  From where did grace originate?  In what ways does grace transform the believer?  How can the beliver grow in grace?  Listen to this episode to get the answers to these and other questions.  We appreciate you leaving some feedback on our podcast episodes.

Just returned from a weekend retreat

I just returned from a weekend church retreat.  I went with about 50 people from a local church.  I traveled about 90 kilometers to the west of Kyiv to a retreat center.  I had a refreshing time personally with the Lord and building relationships with other believers.  The church is praying about hosting a discipleship class in the fall semester.  The highlight of the weekend was the water baptism of three new believers.   I would like to say thanks to all those who allow me to participate in what God is doing in this part of the world.  Please pray for this church relationship to continue and to bear fruit.

Podcast Episode 10 is Available

We just uploaded podcast episode number 10.  In this episode we perform our first interview on the show with Dale Losch, president of Crossworld.  You will be blessed with the stories and practical advice about discipleship.  You will also be blessed by the worship music recorded by my daughter, Karyn.  The episode can be downloaded through this website or subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and other platforms on the internet.  We appreciate feedback.

Take the 30 Day Challenge during September

I have produced a 30 day challenge for those who seriously want to be disicples.  Will you spend 30 minutes for 30 days during September praying, reading the Word of God, watching inspiring videos, writing down personal application lessons and developing obedience to Christ?  Take my 30 day challenge on the website