"Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" in Russian

Disciple Making Ministries has had "Ten Basic Lessons for New Believers" translated into Russian.  You can use this resource to start discipling new believers.  You can use this resource in a new believers or newcomers class at church.  The goal is to establish believers who are committed to Christ, committed to the cause of Christ, and committed to the body of Christ.  This resource has foundational lessons on salvation, baptism, the Holy Spirit, Bible study, prayer, sharing your faith, church participation, unity, giving and spiritual gifts. Please download this document for free and start discipling someone this week!

"7 Daily Prayers for Disciple Makers" Added

Disciple Making Ministries has added a new resource entitled "7 Daily Prayers for Disciple Makers." We have discovered that daily prayer is essential for successful disciple making.  The disciple maker needs daily prayers for spiritual protection, for enlightenment, for experiencing the love of God, for spiritual fruit bearing, for spiritual warfare, and for financial resources.  We decided to share seven daily prayers together with memory verses on prayer that are powerful in the disciple makers' daily walk.  Feel free to download and pray these prayers out loud every day for success in disciple making.   If you tranlate these prayers into other languages then please share with our community.

Podcast Episode 10 is Available

We just uploaded podcast episode number 10.  In this episode we perform our first interview on the show with Dale Losch, president of Crossworld.  You will be blessed with the stories and practical advice about discipleship.  You will also be blessed by the worship music recorded by my daughter, Karyn.  The episode can be downloaded through this website or subscribe through iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and other platforms on the internet.  We appreciate feedback.

Take the 30 Day Challenge during September

I have produced a 30 day challenge for those who seriously want to be disicples.  Will you spend 30 minutes for 30 days during September praying, reading the Word of God, watching inspiring videos, writing down personal application lessons and developing obedience to Christ?  Take my 30 day challenge on the website http://www.disciplemakingministries.org/30-day-challenge/

Two new discipleship video resources added

Two videos were added to our disicpleship video resource page.  One is a conversation between Francis Chan and David Platt on authentic disciples making other disciples.  Another is a sermon by Francis Chan on discipleship.  Jesus said "follow Me and I will make you fishers of men."  How are we responding to this call?  http://www.disciplemakingministries.org/videos