News and Needs - March 2017

We conintue to receive invitations to train disciple makers in various regions of the world. Recently two more invitations came from pastors and church leaders in eastern India and northeastern Pakistan.  We have added those requests to our growing waiting list that includes Kenya, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea and D.R. Congo.  I write this short updage to say that there is a great need and desire for discipleship training among the nations.  We feel that we have a great discipleship training program to meet these needs.  To solve the problem of matching the solution to the problem we simply need funding for travel expenses.  Please pray for God to open the gates of resources so that we can bridge the solution to the need.  If you would be interested in resourcing this vision of multiplying disciple making movements among the nations then start a dialogue.  Disciple Making Ministries has a huge potential to impact many people for Christ if believers would join the team.