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Today I was praying about topics for future episodes of Disciple Making Ministries podcast.  While reviewing discipleship seminar notes the Lord gave me about 30 questions that might be of interest to disciple makers.  Since we here at Disciple Making Ministries value being interactive, relational, relevant, practical, transformational and reproducible I thought why not ask you (my audience) for additional topics or questions for future episodes.   I invite you to participate by sending me your suggestions, topics, questions and ideas for guest speakers.  Together we can help everyone grow to the unity of the faith and the fullness of spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus.  Read my list then give your suggestions.

  • What values does Disciple Making Ministries strive towards?
  • How can today's churches avoid hindering disciple making movements?
  • Whom should we invite into discipleship relationships with us?
  • What spiritual disciplines should a disciple maker engage in?
  • What are some ways that you can build relationships for evangelism and discipleship?
  • What kind of bridges can you build into the lives of those around you?
  • What are some natural Scriptural bridges that you can use in evangelism?
  • How does a disciple makers' spiritual gifts influence disciple making efforts?
  • Learn how to give a clear and concise presentation of the gospel and your personal testimony.
  • What lessons should you teach a new born believer in Jesus?
  • What is the power or water baptism for new believers?
  • How can the compound names of God lay a foundation for discipleship?
  • How can disciples more attentively listen to God?
  • How can disciples develop more discernment?
  • What are some tips for resolving conflict?
  • What steps can we take to build a stronger Christian character?
  • What role does faith play in starting a disciple making movement?
  • Why is grace so essential for multiplying disciple?
  • Why is identity in Christ absolutely necessary for disciple making?
  • How does an understanding of kings and priests impact our ministry?
  • What are the weapons of our spiritual warfare and how can we effectively use them?
  • What common lies of Satan do believers often struggle with?
  • What essential role does faith play in multiplying disciple making movements?
  • What essential role does prayer play in multiplying disciple making movements?
  • What are the mechanics of the body, soul, and spirit in transformation?
  • How should we approach healing, miracles, tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge?
  • How does a kingdom of God approach to life change our approach to ministry?
  • How can you start and maintain accountability partnerships?
  • How can a leader develop a vision for ministry?
  • What character traits are necessary in leadership?
  • What skills does a leader need to develop?
  • How can you blend various styles of leadership into an effective team?
  • What roles do spiritual grandparents or apostles play?
  • What are some practical ways that you can evaluate your disciple making ministry?

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