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Register for a Disciple Makers Seminar or Leadership Development Seminar.  You may either invite us to teach a seminar in your local church or small group setting or you may register for one of our online seminars through a video conferencing platform.  You may also sign-up for online mentoring and coaching.

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You may download our discipleship curriculum and resources and adapt them to your particular audience and context.  We welcome partnerships in discipleship and curriculum development and translation into multiple languages.  Volunteer or donate to help us expand these kingdom building resources.

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Help us spread the word about our vision, seminars, website, curriculum, translations, podcasts, mentoring and coaching to your family, friends and church leadership!  For more information have them contact us about teaching a disciple making seminar in their local context.

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We invite you to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.  In these episodes we share stories and lessons learned about disciple making.  If you have ideas for topics or guest speakers then let me know.  You may also join our Facebook social network group named "Disciple Making Ministries." There you may share your stories, lessons, resources, curriculum and ideas for discipleship. 

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